Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT) celebrated its Annual Day

On Saturday July 15th, 2017, AAiT has celebrated its annual day. The program was officially opened with the warming speech of the Executive Director of AAiT, Esayas G. Yohannes (PhD) and the Managing Director of AAiT, Mr. Munhong Yim.

The program started at 1.30 pm with the speech of acknowledgment for both Academic and Administrative staffs for their effort and contribution to fulfill the institute's annual plan.

Head of Schools, Department/ Unit Heads and other academic and administrative staffs were invited and attended the occasion. The presence of former staffs who are now retired made the day very colorful and special. The event was basically celebrated with lunch program and with colorful cultural coffee ceremony as well as beverages. It was an enjoyable and lively day for all the staffs present.

In addition to the lunch program, different funny games, quiz and cultural musics were in abundance to the delight and entertainment of all the staffs in attendance.

From the interview of some staffs, previously, there was a huge gap between academic and administrative staffs. Thus, this ceremony plays an important role to create a bridge between academic and administrative staffs which was seen before. And it creates a good communication within the staffs which in turn helps to work together for the achievement of the institute’s goal.

According to the Executive Director, Dr. Esayas;
“I know there was a trend to celebrate annual day while I was a student here and after I joined the Department of civil Engineering as a lecturer, I remember that there were annual ceremonies similar to this one. However, currently, such occasions were not given due attention with no reason. But now I am very happy with this event and I will hopefully restore this culture in the future.”

Mr. Munhong Yim, Manging Director said:
“This kind of program creates a bridge to cooperate between the managing and academic staffs and it stirs up strong energy and work efficiency. Even if it’s my first time to see this kind of program, I can read from the smiles of many staffs here that they need such a party at least once a year.”

When interviewed, Dr. Frehiwot Woldehanna, Dean of Biomedical Engineering said;
“I am very happy to see all staffs attend such ceremony together. There was a huge gap within staffs. And such kind of festivity helps us to know each other as well as create a strong commitment within the staffs to work hard. Generally, the program strengthens the relationship among colleagues and to go hand in hand achieve a better result for the future.”

At the end the ceremony; honorable guests applauded the institute for its all-round success and wished a better future for the Institute's community. Finally, the program concluded at 6.00 pm with great enthusiasm.