Open Africa power training program commenced the 2019 edition

Open Africa power training program commenced the 2019 edition on 28 January 2019 at Addis Ababa Institute of technology. The training focuses on high profile African graduates interested in developing holistic know-how on electricity to work in the private or public sector towards the sustainable electrification of Africa. AmareAsefa, lecturer in school of Electrical and computer engineering, chair of power engineering stream and open Africa 2018 Alumini said that participants will learn the state of the art in the electricity sector covering power generation, distribution, storage, and management technologies, discussing economic and legal aspects, as well as policy and regulation challenges and opportunities, pose by the energy transition. The training accounts for 60 participants from 16 different African countries for a week-long; from January 28- February 1st, 2019. Open Africa power training was initiated by Enel foundation in 2018 to build academic cooperation between African and Italian Universities program; aimed at forging a new generation of clean energy leaders for Africa.Enel foundation is a non-profit organization focused on education and research projects to help win the race for a clean energy future. It also explores global challenges and their implications in the energy domain forging knowledge partnerships with leading universities and experts around the world.