Activities performed by the Office for Research, Technology Transfer and University Industry Linkages (RTTUIL)

    The office for Research, Technology Transfer and University Industry Linkages (RTTUIL) of Addis Ababa Institute of Technology has been doing its level best in carrying out the activities planned for the year 2008 E.C. The following are summary of the activities with respect to research, technology transfer and university industry linkages.


    The office has identified five thematic research areas and submitted proposal to AAiT Managing Director Office.
    The thematic research titles identified and submitted are:
  • The state of electrical power distribution system
  • Micro-hydro power plant development
  • Small scale sustainable biodiesel production from Jathropha
  • Integrating optimal post-harvest supply chain with appropriate technologies to minimize food loss
  • Activated carbon production from agriculture
    There are also project proposals already submitted to establish centers and institutes in AAiT. These project proposals have passed two screening project evaluation stages and awaiting final decisions. The centers/institutes proposed to establish include:
  • African Center of Excellence for Nanotechnology
  • East African Center for Energy System
  • African Railway Education and Research Institute
  • African Center of Excellence for Food and Nutrition
    Besides, there are some three adaptive problem solving projects submitted to Addis Ababa University for funding. These projects are:
  • Bamboo-Based Water Purification Technology
  • Customized Design and Development of Solar-Powered Pump for Small-Scale Irrigation Application
  • Integration of Anbessa City Bus Service Enterprise with Addis Ababa Light Rail Transport
  • The office also organized Training on Scientific Computing for Research for AAiT academic staffs for duration of two weeks.

Technology Transfer

    Activities being carried out under technology transfer effort include:
  • Processing the Financing of Prototype Fabrication for
  • Injera Baking Gasitier Stove
  • Model Slide-able Black and White boards
  • Patenting of some three projects is underway. Projects being in process for patenting are
  • Biogas Stove
  • Manual Jatropha Oil Extractor
  • Improved ‘Tikikil’ Stove
  • Together with schools/centers Research and Technology Transfer officers, best projects of previous years and ongoing projects are beingidentified to organize a research open day in AAiT compound.
  • Visiting industries to identify research, training and consultancy needs of industries

University Industry Linkages

    Activities carried out under university industry linkages include:
  • Assigning Internship students in different industrial settings
  • Visiting industries to secure internship positions and identify research, training and consultancy needs of industries.
  • Signing Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with different industries in the country. The following are some of the companies with whom the Director office for RTT/UIL have signed MoU
  • I. Sugar Corporation

    • Wonji Sugar Factory
    • Methara Sugar Factory

    II. Metal Industry Development Institute

    • Sentic Ethiopian plc
    • Techtra Engineering plc
    • Nehemiya Engineering plc
    • Nigat Mechanical plc
    • Amio Engineering plc
    • Asmenplc
    • Ethiopian Crown Cork & Can Manufacturing Industry
    • Kaliti Metal Products Factory
    • Hibret Machinery Construction Industry
    • BMET Energy Telecom Industry
    • Walia Steel Industry

    III. Leather Industry Development Institute

    • Ethio-leather industry plc
    • Addis Ababa Leather Factory
    • Dire Leather Factory
    • Walia leather and Leather Products plc
    • Hafde Leather Factory

    IV. Food, Beverage and Pharmaceuticals Industry Development Institute

    • Addis Ketema Sweets Factory
    • Nib Sweets and Candy Factory
    • Royal Candy and Chocolate Factory plc
    • Ambo Mineral Water Share Company
    • AsnakeAlchol Drinks Industry
    • Afia Food Complex
    • Tena Migib Producers Plc
    • Nas Foods plc
    • Tasty Foods plc
    • East African Tiger Brand Industries

    V. Ethiopian Construction Project Management Institute
    VI. Coca-Cola Company
    VII. Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation
    VIII. Ethiopian Light and Power Corporation
    IX. Ethiopian Airlines
    X. Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute

    • Burayu Packaging and Printing Industry
    • Repi Soap and Detergent Share Company
    • Yekatit Paper Converting Enterprise
    • Nefas Silk Paints Factory

    Research, Technology Transfer and University- Industry Linkage


      Team project financed by Belgium government photogenic

    • About 300,000 Euro grant is secured for Food Engineering capacity building
    • The project gives two PhD scholarships for academic staff as March 2014
    • Two academic staff recruited for PhD scholarship have already joined the program and doing their PhD at KU Leuven, Belgium

    Finland government grant

  • 500,000 Euro for 5 years for project entitled “ Enhancing Education and Research in Networking and Communications Engineering (ENhaNCE)”
  • Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) research grant

    • A special study project worth US$ 37,000 for and entitled “The Effect of Watershed Management Practices on Reservoir Sedimentation at Upper Blue Nile (Abbay) River Basin”

    Finland government grant

    • For a joint study, “Global Earth Observation for Integrated Water Resources Assessment (Earth2Observe)” for SCEE: phase-I funding of 77,000 EURO

    Stockholm University (Sweden)

  • Joint research project with SCEE on project entitled “Triple Green” to support a PhD study, funds of around Birr 320,000 received

KTH, Sweden

  • KTH and AAiT re-initiate a joint project on River Engineering

Cologne University of Applied Sciences

  • Professors and students from Cologne University and Ethiopian Regional Universities carried a project coordination meeting in AAiT for the EBL-Nexus Project (Cologne/Sudan/Jordan/Gondar/AAiT)
  • DanKook Univ.(Korea)

  • International Joint research for Development of Water treatment methods
  • University of Connecticut (USA)

  • Two School staff travelled for three weeks as visiting Scholars
  • AAU research grant for 2005 E.C.

  • Three consortium research projects secured grant from AAU (Birr 3,000,000)
  • Ministry of Transport for funding student and staff research

  • EthioLog Center of Excellence for Transport and Logistics under the School
    (Birr 400,000)
  • Ministry of Science and Technology research grant for 2005 E.C

  • Five research projects of the Institute have secured grant (Birr 500,000)
  • The projects are close to completion
  • Ministry of Science and Technology research grant for 2006 E.C

  • Three research projects of the Institute have secured grant (Birr 300,000)
  • University –Industry Linkage
    Establishment of Samsung Engineering Academy in AAiT (Nov 2013

  • Initial Investment: $ 2 million from Samsung
  • 50 graduating class students are getting training for special certificate annually
  • Governmental Consultancy
    Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project (Feb 2014)

  • AAiT/AAU Signed MoA with METEC in big-scale governmental Consultation Service for the GERD project
  • Fertilizer project consultancy (Mar 2014 )

  • About Birr 24 million consultancy service agreement was signed with Ethiopian Chemical Corporation for the coming three years
  • LIDI Performance Evaluation consultancy

  • About Birr 850,000
  • In progress

  • AAU Consortium research proposal call
  • Four consortium research proposals are submitted and waiting for grant decision
  • Technology Transfer Alliance (TTA) Project

  • Topic: "Development of Model Curricula for African University Entrepreneurship"
  • 500,000 EUR (12,500,000 ETB), Jan. 2015 - Dec. 2017 , KTH & CIDA, Sweden
  • Ministry of Science and Technology research proposal call

  • Eight research proposals are submitted and waiting for grant decision
  • University –Industry Linkage

  • Expanded collaborations with SAMSUNG
  • MoA with Samsung is in good progress and discussion including
  • Transforming Samsung Engineering Academy into Samsung-AAiT Africa
  • Software Center effective August, 2014 Samsung commits US$ 650,000 for the first two-year (2014~2016)
  • Dow chemicals technical support for bio-plastic feasibility study

  • Status: MoU is signed with Dow, The project was started May 1, 2014 and will end August 30, 2014
  • Objectives:

  • Feasibility study and design of corn-based bio-plastic (high density poly ethylene)
  • Identifying manufacturer for the pilot plant and financial source to build the pilot plant
  • Participants

  • Dow chemicals: five high profile experts
  • AAiT: eight professors from SCBE