School of Multi-disciplinary Engineering


With the development in modern science and technology, it is never too much to say that there is no engineering systems, products or projects where only one or two engineering or technological fields are involved in their design, fabrication, manufacturing or in evaluation. In fact, almost every engineering product around us needs the collective information and technology from multi-engineering fields for the most effective realization of its function. Truly, the modern engineering requires the break down of the separating walls between different domains of engineering and forces the complex fusion of various technological areas.

In the School of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering(SMDE), the focus is laid on the research and education of these complex nature of modern engineering. In order to produce the high tech equipped engineers capable of meeting various unexpected future engineering problems, the School has been preparing itself dynamically via various domestic and international collaboration with renowned education and research institutions ever since its establishment in early 2014.

SMDE has 4 Research Centers, the oldest one with more than 8 years of history and the most recent one with less than a year. They are all established to carry out their own research activities but at the same time, it is one of the great advantages that SMDE has, that they collaborate and compensate each other’s research and education with high efficiency like one organization under the common SMDE administration, to meet the strong demands of modern industry, where the combined knowledge of the various engineering fields is strongly required. These 4 Centers are currently performing various state of art modern research projects and education programs in the fields of Bio-Medical Engineering, Railway Engineering, and Energy Technology. Presently, the Center for Materials Engineering is preparing to receive its first batch MSc program students soon.

To accomplish the success of research and education in each center, the School provides and supports every endeavor from the centers to acquire the cumulative technological knowledge from every field of engineering via active domestic and international academic activities. For example, to enjoy the best performance of railway transportation, the typical research topic of Railway Engineering Center, the knowledge from the following fields, to name a few, will be required: from the civil engineering, the knowledge of effective construction of railways, from the mechanical, electrical, materials and chemical engineering, the knowledge of manufacturing train compartments with the comfort and power efficiency, and of course, from the computer science and electrical engineering, the knowledge of dependable traffic signal systems, and many other engineering fields you can think of. Thus, the School not only provides the outside supported projects but frequently holds the academic conferences where the most recent findings can be exchanged among the international engineers and scholars. So in Railway Engineering Center, the research and education area has never been limited to a few technological areas but covers the whole spectra of engineering, which is also true of other centers in SMDE.

Thus, SMDE in AAiT, with its unique multi-disciplinary educational and research environment, is very proud to state that it is ready for the top notch education and research to produce the global engineers both at the under and post graduate levels with the highest capacity of meeting the future engineering challenges of this country and the whole outside world as well.