School Of Information Technology Engineering - SITE

    Nowadays, growth opportunities in the IT sector are enormous. While in the developed countries IT professionals are as numerous as all types of engineers combined, in Ethiopia they are only a small fraction of the total number of engineers. We are convinced that a very good way of kick starting the IT market in Ethiopia is via getting engaged in outsourcing. That is why AAiT is attempting to provide three new curricula in the UG and five in PG programs that aim at qualifying students who can be engaged in outsourcing activities. Many developing countries have shown that this is not only a profitable route, but it is a very important seed contributing significantly to the industrialization of the country. A very good example of such countries is Vietnam

    The AAiT is currently planning to produce graduates who are competent and productive in the current dynamic information technology world. Taking into consideration the local and global demands for IT professionals, the Institute has initiated this new program in a new department