School of Chemical and Bio Engineering

SCBE Weekly Seminar

'Hydrogen Production from Bioglycerol Steam Reforming'

Presenter:Dr. Hundessa Dessalegn

Process Engineering, AAiT, AAU

Venue: Room No. 029

Date: 24/02/2017 Time: 10:00 AM

    Partnerships and Collaborations

    Academic partnership

    • Leather research institute CLRI, Indian
    • University of Western Ontario, Canada
    • University of Calgary Alberta, Canada
    • VLIRUOS,KULeuven, Belgium
    • Bio Innovative Project; Bio-Resource Innovation Network for Eastern Africa Development, SIDA

    Industrial partnership

    • Leather Industry Development Institute, Ethiopia
    • Sugar Corporation

    Research and Community Services

    Research and Community Services

    No Title Status
    1 Ignis Complete
    2 Bio innovate in Progress
    3 SD promo Complete
    4 Coal phosphate project Complete
    5 UNEP Complete


    Facilities for Academic Purposes

    • Chemical reaction engineering laboratory
    • Size reduction laboratory
    • Mass and heat transfer (separation) lab
    • Analytical lab
    • Environmental engineering lab and
    • Food engineering lab