Pre Engineering School

Pre-Engineering and Common Courses Office

Engineering capacity building program - one component of the program is establishing new universities across the country so as to alleviate critical shortage of qualified manpower in engineering fields. Moreover, the prevailing economic situation in Ethiopia and the sustained growth, especially in the industrial sector, demand to produce competent and skillful graduates.

Upon admission to the universities/Institute of Technologies (AAiT), the students are allowed to take some fundamental engineering knowledge and common courses - from the total five year B.Sc. program in Addis Ababa University Institute of Technology, AAiT the first year is meant for taking the fundamental engineering courses and preparing the students to examine their interest for the discipline after completing the orientation. Moreover, during the assessment semester, just before the students choose their area of specialization, a 2-credit course is given to introduce the engineering profession as a whole and also to give the students the opportunity to deal with the basic technical skills for each discipline. Therefore, the office of Pre-engineering organizes and co-ordinates the orientation before joining the schools.