Strategic leadership and change management trainings..

Strategic leadership and change management trainings have been delivered by AAiT at Ambassador International Hotel from June 08 2022 up to June 10, 2022 for three days for about 53 management members and experts including directors of the institute, deans of the school, center heads, school administrators, and team leaders. The training session was opened by Dr. Bikila Teklu, CEO AAiT and moderated by Mesfin Lemma, Resource management Director General of AAiT, and coordinated by HR. The training facilitator was Dr. Temesegen Dagne. Accordingly, recognition of certificate was given for the participants.

The main focus of the training was mainly on the following areas:

  1. Strategic Leadership
  2. Strategic Planning and Monitoring
  3. Managements concepts and skill
  4. Emotional Intelligence


I thank you attentive participations of the trainees. In addition, I am forwarding many thanks who coordinate and smoothly facilitate the training operation, especially Dr. Bikila Teklu, CEO; Ato Mesfin Lemma, Resource Management General Director; Ato Zerihu Shibru, Finance Director; Ato Abate Gedamu, Finance Team Leader ; W/o Belaynesh Argaw, HR Team Leader, W/   Selam   HR Expert.


Beyene Gashu,

 Human Resource Management and Development Director,