The Energy Center has the following diverse objectives

  • Research Objectives
  • Prioritize research activities in the energy sector and prepare a five-year research master plan
  • Collect, analyze and compile data and information that would enable to carry out a detailed study on energy resources, energy conversion and conservation systems
  • Identify and conduct research in areas related to energy resources, energy conversion and conservation, giving priority to the following areas
  • Identifying options for rural electrification
  • Developing electro-mechanical devices
  • Household energy efficiency improvement
  • Production of biofuels, performance evaluation and utilization
  • Industrial energy conservation and optimization
  • Devise appropriate mechanisms for the dissemination of research findings

Capacity Building Objectives

  • The Energy Center will provide interdisciplinary postgraduate education and short term training in both theoretical and practical aspects of energy technology and power industry management, to meet the following needs
  • Identify consultancy and training needs of the country in the energy sector to devise a sustainable energy development programme in the country
  • Train highly qualified technical human power in energy technology, equipped with the required technical skills for planning, installation and operation of renewable energy conversion systems
  • Train professionally competent power industry managers with diverse skills in areas like organizational leadership, financial management, human and material resources management, combined with the requisite fundamental technical knowledge in power system and development and utilization of energy resources

Networking Objectives

The Energy Center will stride to

  • Create partnership with other institutions to maintain and enhance the status of being the leading national academic center in theoretical and applied energy areas
  • Work with national organizations and enterprises involved in energy resources development and management, energy conversion and conservation, etc
  • Work with research institutions, industry and related organizations world-wide to promote renewable energy utilization